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Marianne Douglas

Author, Speaker, Trainer

Empowering people to create the successful lives they envision for themselves for over 20 years.



Why was this program created?


My name is Marianne Douglas.  I created this program because I never really learned how money works - not from my parents (no blame here - they were most likely not taught either), not in school, and not when I was learning to be a math teacher.  Because I never learned, I made every mistake possible and struggled with money most of my life.  My ex-husband seemed to know less about how money worked than I did. Between us, we were totally clueless about how to manage money, how to grow our money, how to stay out of debt.  


It would have been so easy if someone, anyone had just taught us the basics


We made so many financial mistakes including cashing in our retirement accounts when we left our teaching job and re-financing our home to  pay off debt. Sounds amazing looking back.  Two college educated former high school teachers who had no idea about money.  


But there are many people who were like we were, who didn't understand money - except how to spend it. Research shows that many college graduates are often the least prepared because their math education focused on Algebra, Geometry, Calculus and other higher level topics and not on the practical, simple financial concepts that once known and implemented can create financial abundance and stress free living in terms of money.


I finally learned what I'm sharing with you now when I researched and developed a success program for my students called Strategies for Success. Designed to empower teens, it's full of topics that fill in the gaps in traditional education including financial literacy.   My students were grateful that finally someone was teaching this information.  I still teach this information to this day in my own seminars and to college freshmen.


Starting a life together with your significant other is the perfect time to make sure that you both are on track about money, especially given the high rate of divorces and break-ups over money issues.


Here are some of the topics covered in this short course:

  • how to set up a system to pay bills, have fun and plan for the future

  • how money grows and why the earlier you start, the better

  • how what you each believe about money determines how you handle it

  • how credit works 

  • how to split your incomes fairly if you make very different salaries

  • and much more!


Order the program here


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